Karl Kuehn

Karl Kuehn

Communications Manager, Layton City Police; Chair, POST Dispatch Curriculum Executive Committee; IAEMD-Q; Immediate Past President, Utah APCO

Karl Kuehn has worked in public safety communications for 20 years and is currently the Communications Manager for Layton Police. He has served as a member and chair of the Utah 911 Committee and is currently the Chair of the POST Dispatcher Executive Board and the Immediate Past President of the Utah chapter of APCO. He is passionate about 911, emerging technology, photography, the outdoors, food, and world travel.  

  • Power General: The Starbucks App Can Find Me . . . Why Can’t 911? Determining a Dispatchable Address in the Mobile Device Age 

The Starbucks App Can Find Me . . . Why Can’t 911? Determining a Dispatchable Address in the Mobile Device Age

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In an era when well over 80% of Utah’s 911 calls are made with cell phones, 911 call takers face unique challenges in determining a dispatchable address to relay to first responders. Until now, 911 location technology hasn’t kept pace with the internet age. Learn about the recent progress made by industry groups, tech startups, […]

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