Justin Young II

Justin Young II

NREMT-P, Firefighter/ Investigator, SWAT – Joint Special Operations Group – Master Operator/Paramedic

Justin Young is honored to have been asked to present at the 2018 conference.  He will be covering several topics that he is passionate about – Active Shooter: Rescue Task Force (RTF) Concepts & Response.   

Justin has been involved in EMS for close to 25 years with a 15-year background in firefighting and 15 years in law enforcement.  Justin currently works as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the West Jordan Fire Department in Utah and is an Operator/Paramedic for his municipality and state SWAT teams. He also has been involved in the development, training, and implementation of EMS responses to Active Shooter Events in the State of Utah.  

Justin enjoys training and teaching as well as continuing to learn himself.  He hopes to instill a higher sense of provider awareness and safety that transcends rushing past, “BSI – is the scene safe?” while providing a solid foundation for combining medicine and tactics as we go into unknown situations. 

  • Precon: Rescue Task Force 

Rescue Task Force


This course will address the training and principle guidelines needed for Fire/EMS agencies when tasked with responding to an Active Shooter/Critical Incident Event and can serve as a template for agencies looking for a way to organize a structured response using the Rescue Task Force (RTF) concept that is being introduced at the national level. […]

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