Elle Martin

Elle Martin

EMT-, Sgt., LEO, Brigham Young University, Conference Director, EMS Associates

Elle Martin has been in law enforcement since 2005 and currently is a Sergeant at Brigham Young University over Crime Prevention. She has a passion for teaching the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault. She became involved with EMS Associates in 1996 where she worked closely with Dr. Keith J. Karren and the late Dr. Keith R. Hooker, MD, and Dr. Brent Q. Hafen, the original conference founders. Elle is the Conference Director for EMS Associates and works closely with her business partner, Dr. Doug Murdock, MD. She has 6 grandkids who are the love of her life.     

  • Precon: Rescue Task Force 

Welcome and Introductions Honor Guard – Provo City Fire Department

Rescue Task Force


This course will address the training and principle guidelines needed for Fire/EMS agencies when tasked with responding to an Active Shooter/Critical Incident Event and can serve as a template for agencies looking for a way to organize a structured response using the Rescue Task Force (RTF) concept that is being introduced at the national level. […]

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