Blake Smith

Blake Smith

Before my foray into cannabis, I was happy in my career as a bioanalytical chemist, professor, healthcare management professional. During this time my daughter was diagnosed with a genetic condition that could cause deadly seizures. Current medications were not effective so in desperation the parents’ alliance we belonged to suggested CBD products. I bought products from many places, states, and companies and found it was the wild west. I analyzed those products on my mass spectrometer and found Pesticide residues, metals, inaccurate labels on ingredients, and cannabinoid content.

So I left my career to grow, extract, process, and create products that were what they say they are and were effective in helping my daughter.

For Love and Therapy – How to Build a Hempire

Cascade C

These presentations discuss how everything works from Cannabis genetics, extraction methodology, processing but most importantly what are the therapeutic effects of the various cannabinoids and how to dose them appropriately.

Advanced Basic