SKEDS, KEDS & KTD’S – A Plethora of Packaging Pearls

Do you remember your first EMT book and the section on packaging??  Surfaces all nice and flat (or carpeted) with patients sporting perfectly pristine anatomy (add a little moulage).  Well, let’s get real!!

Join us for a HANDS-ON experience of packing patients based on real cases.  You know the ones – motorcyclists with their leg wrapped around their ear, open contaminated fractures, impaled objects, stuck in the mobile home bathroom . . . and at scenes that are far from flat or luxurious.

We will rehash the classically taught “rules” of packaging, but more importantly explore new and unique ways of doing things, utilizing objects for far more than they were intended (yes we promote improvising).  Bring your hands, your thinking caps, and a sense of humor, and let’s wrap up some patients.

Advanced Basic