Pediatric Triage

Cascade A-B

Whether an act of violence, natural catastrophe, or motor vehicle pileup, a disaster is the one of the greatest challenges an EMS provider will face. These events overwhelm resources, degrade the standard of care, and require a deviation from protocol.  These responses will overwhelm the senses and trigger a fight or flight response yet EMTs and paramedics will have to rapidly and accurately make decisions about incident severity, needed resources, and victim survivability.   When the patient is a child, these decisions are even more complicated. The lack of training provided during initial education, lack of severely injured pediatric patients in the field, and general unfamiliarity with infants and children makes pediatric triage difficult for even the most seasoned EMS provider.   In this course we will review triage systems for children, the research that supports these systems, and introduce the new SALT system.

Advanced Basic