It’s in Our Back Yard – Domestic Terrorism on the Rise

Cascade E

Domestic Terrorism has become a big challenge for public safety and the health care industry facing everything from deadly mass shootings to bombings. Since 9/11, the number of stateside incidents that are related to international terrorist groups to individuals acting alone are on the rise at a fast pace. The question remains, “What are we doing to be proactive vs. reactive?”

Active shooter drills have become the norm for training law enforcement and first responders. Mass shooting protocols are starting to become a frequent policy addition for most agencies. Intelligence units within law enforcement are working more with federal assets to keep our communities safer. However, we have to ask additional questions about whether we’re paying enough attention to domestic terrorism following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

This session will evaluate numerous domestic terrorism events and address ways to improve situational awareness and the challenges we continue to face.

Advanced Basic