Wild Aware

Travis Mackerell, EMT-A Security/EMS Supervisor
Nov 12 2022
Grand Ballroom

Wild Aware

Dealing with wild animal encounters and dangerous animal related injury/medical emergencies.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is celebrating its 91st anniversary this year as one of Utah’s top paid attractions with over one million visitors annually. Over the years Hogle Zoo has become a beacon for “creating champions for wildlife” with our local, national, and worldwide conservation efforts. We strive to provide the intermountain west with a view into the natural world and conservation efforts both locally and abroad. Part of that mission is providing a safe space for people and families of all ages. To provide that, our Safety EMS department trains staff when they are in the field with potentially dangerous animals as well as providing care to staff and guests on zoo grounds.

Join Travis Mackerell and his staff from Hogle Zoo.

Live animals will be in attendance!