Thwacks, Whacks, Cracks, and Smacks

Nov 11 2021
14:00 - 15:00
Ballroom A

Thwacks, Whacks, Cracks, and Smacks

Sports-related concussions are serious, widely prevalent, and often under-reported traumatic brain injuries.  This presentation discusses the pathophysiology and sequelae of concussion as well as proper identification, evaluation and patient management.  Severe, moderate and even mild concussions have a high potential for significant long-term deleterious effects on an athlete.  Extensive anatomical and physiological damage may be present from just one traumatic blow to the head.  Advocating for an athlete to sit out the rest of an event by knowing the signs and symptoms specific to concussion may be the difference between a decent versus a terrible outcome.

After this presentation, the participant shall be able to:                  

1.  Describe the pathophysiology of a concussion.                            

2.  Explain the unique considerations when assessing an athlete with possible concussion.  

3.  List the proper steps in managing a patient that is suffering from a concussion or showing signs of TBI.

4.  Discuss the various unique signs and symptoms of a concussion.