Stretched, Stabbed, and Strangled

Traumatic Neck Injuries
Nov 12 2021
14:00 - 15:00
Cascade D

Stretched, Stabbed, and Strangled

Managing injuries to the neck can be both complex and challenging for the pre-hospital provider, as it is the location for many vital structures. Many of these structural injuries carry with them a high probability of morbidity and mortality. Whether the injury is blunt or penetrating, the EMS provider must maintain a high index of suspicion even if the patient appears to have only minor superficial injuries. This presentation will discuss the anatomy of the neck, zones of neck injury, and management strategies to assist the EMS professional maintain a high index of suspicion and deliver optimal care for victims of neck trauma.

After this presentation, the participant shall be able to:

1.  Discuss the management of traumatic neck injuries.

2.  Identify the three injury zones of the neck.

3.  Explain the assessment keys of a traumatic neck injury.

4.  List key structures of the neck.