Keynote: Motor Vehicle Collisions

On the Highway and Backroads
Nov 12 2021
08:00 - 09:00
Grand Ballroom

Keynote: Motor Vehicle Collisions

At the completion of this session First Responders, EMT’s and Paramedics will have a better understanding of how the body can be injured in a collision.  We will discuss why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would like for EMS practitioners to stop using the term accidents and instead use the term collisions.  

During this session we will discuss the Mechanism of Injuries and Kinetic Energy.  This session will include a unique slide show that shows how some injuries may occur from safety devices such as seat belts and air bags.  We will discuss and demonstrate rapid forward deceleration and rear-end collisions.  We will explain how to provide both BLS & ALS care.  We will also explain that some patients that arrive with a C-Collar and Spinal Immobilization may be suffering from serious hidden injuries to their Head and Neck but could also have other serious injuries to their chest, pelvic or vital organs.  

You will have a better understanding of the force and energy that is produced during a collision that often causes internal organ damage that is very difficult to recognize without a complete primary and secondary assessment that includes vital signs.  At the completion of this class you will better understand the importance of the “Golden Hour”.

We will also discuss motor vehicle collisions that happen on the farm and on the back roads of farm country.  This session is also designed to show how EMS crews sometimes becomes victims of Ambulance Crashes.  We will speak openly about the importance of defensive driving programs, following the rules of the road, speeding, distractions and lack of knowledge about ambulances by some drivers.