Meet Mark Sawdon One of Our Instructors

“Hello, everyone! My name is Mark Sawdon and I am honored and excited to be an EMS faculty member of “The Summit” in Provo coming this November 2017. I am a Paramedic for King County Medic One in the Seattle area and have been in the fire service for over 20 years. I regularly teach American Heart Association certification classes as well as being associate faculty at Everett Community College and a Senior EMS Instructor for the state of Washington. I co-lead the EMT Program at EVCC and absolutely love helping to shape the next generation of EMS providers! I will be presenting one of my favorite talks, “The 1.7 Second Differential”. Join me for this interactive, dynamic discussion where we dive into the search of what is wrong with our patients. We will discuss many of the clues we uncover with our physical assessment, patient presentation and vitals signs leading us to a differential diagnosis and treatment plan. I look forward to meeting all of you at this fantastic event being held at the spectacular location! “

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