Youth Pathfinder Program

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EMS Associates Presents:
The Youth Pathfinder Program

The overall goal of the EMS Associates Youth Pathfinder Program is to help today’s youth, explore the many career options in the field of Emergency Medicine and/or Emergency Services. Topics include: cardiac emergencies, trauma injuries, respiratory concerns, incident management, pediatrics, etc.

This program gives our youth, the ability to see the future of EMS and Emergency Services, and learn from both interactive lecture and hands-­‐on opportunities.

Those  Youth Pathfinders  that  have  been  accepted  can  expect  to  gain  a  unique  experience and knowledge from some of the nation’s leading speakers in the field of EMS and Emergency Services.

The Youth Pathfinders Program will help those participants to better understand the importance  of  compassion  and  selfless  service  when  working  in  this  chosen  profession.

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Youth Pathfinders (grades 7-12):

Adult Students (currently enrolled in college level classes):


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