What People Are Saying

Carla Morales…Great instructors! Everyone was very friendly. Can’t wait until next Summit!

Seana Lee Borsheim… I will be there, WORLD CLASS training. Excellence!

Michael Sexton… Mike, without question, the best EMS conference I have ever attended. The level of educators you brought to this conference was amazing. I thank you and everyone else involved. I took a leap of faith with my department to take 3 of our EMS providers to an unknown event based on your name and dynamic lecturing style and I can say NO ONE was disappointed. We will be back without question. GREAT JOB!

Billie Jo Wheeler… Sherene and I learned soooo much! We can’t stop talking about what we learned….WE did get to meet Dr Sam!

Thank you for caring enough to bring such top notch educators to share their knowledge with us! See you next year!!

Gary Wes… Great conference, FIRST CLASS OPERATION.

Rhonda Minks… The conference was a wealth of knowledge. Can’t wait till next year

Patty Elkins… Loved it this year & will definitely be back!!

Joshua Foley… Wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Lisa Hoyt… I had a great time this weekend. Thank you to all the speakers, instructors, organizers, vendors and all of the attendees for taking the time to make this an awesome conference!

Seana Lee Borsheim… The Save A Cop was intense. Great job Jess. Surviving in the Crosshair was amazing, it really changed my perception of reality.

Awesome job Bill.

Hal Curtiss… This created a sense of respect and brought dignity and gratitude to every lab experience.

Phil Cane… Very respectful … a truly class group!

Janice Wilson… Keep up the good work Mr.Mike

Carolyn Yela… Great summary Mike! This event created an enormous amount of positive energy towards EMS service to our communities.

We all ‘soaked it up’….keep it a ‘comin’.

Hal Curtiss… Mike, My mind and heart were tremendously impacted at the Summt. Mega kudos to you and to the exceptional team members who taught, challenged, and stretched us. Since being back in Montana I have not been able to stop talking about my experience and the things I learned. Very many thanks too for treating me, a newbie and the old guy, …all of us in fact, with so much courtesy and respect. Next year at the Summit!

Hal Curtiss… Thank you Mike Helbock You are an amazing and inspiring leader and I am so grateful for your skill and the energy you put forth to the benefit of all of our brother and sisters in the EMS community. These are some of the best years of my life and it only gets better! I definitely will see you next year at the Summit. I also have some wonderful mentors in the likes of Brodie, Mary Lynn, Tracy Gembala and others who are wonderfully dedicated to making me the best I can be…I love this journey and glad I am sharing it with you. All the good in the world coming your wayl…..Hal

Veronica Gress Morehead… Count the Olney crew in, we brought two last year, four this year and hopefully eight next year!

Veronica Gress Morehead… Not only did I just learn like twenty years of absolutely wonderful information at the “SUMMIT” EMS conference to really bring to my community to be the best I can be, but I also learned that I could work on a cadaver and be ok with it. Thanks to John! I lift my glass…thank u for letting us learn from you. Thanks to Mike Helbock and all his crew who put together the best EMS conference EVER!! See you next year!

Jacque Monaghan… Mike, I just wanted to thank you for bringing The Summit conference to Coeur d’ Alene this last week. I didn’t attend last year and this year, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I am glad to say that I was truly blown away by the content as well as the people. In the five years I have worked as an emergency nurse, this was without a doubt one of the high points in my career, and I learned so much from everyone. I can say with certainty that, after attending The Summit, I am absolutely a better care provider, and so I want to thank you, the presenters, and especially the gentleman who generously provided his body so that we could all learn from him. I am looking forward to it again next year, and will even make the boat cruise! Thanks again!

Mary Lynn Smith… So glad to be home, BUT wish I could spend an entire month (or more) with the EMS educators that I spent the last 3 days with. I feel reenergized and better prepared to serve my community. Big THANKS to Mike Helbock and the faculty he brought to The “Summit” in Coeur d’Alene. Just WOW!!!

Brodie Verworn… This is the future being made right here right now in Coeur d’Alene. One Dr. Is responsible for his city (Seattle/king co.) To have the highest rate of successful VF cardiac arrest saves in the country. Another Dr. Is one of the ones who writes the AHA guidelines. Then there is Mike Helbock who is responsible for this conference and in my opinion is the Michael Jordan of pre hospital education and was the man who was in charge to implement these changes to King County/Seattle when the time came. We had Zoll and Laderal let us use hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment for this class. I sit here humbled and in awe of this experience….This education. . .and its only day one!

Brodie Verworn… I’ve been in EMS in one forum or another for the past 16 years. I’ve put in in thousands of hours of school, trainings, continuing education, classrooms, online, audio clips, video clips, hell I’ve even got EMS info on cassette! I have taken a little and sometimes more than others from those exposures. Throughout that time, I’ve had the occasional instructor that has blown me away with his mastery. Never have I been in one place where the level of education was so high, so understandable, so personally enriching and career effecting.

I was allowed to be educated on a human cadaver that was alive this past Monday, but had chosen to donate his body to science for the greater good of man. I got to personally interact at a one-on-one level with doctors who are responsible for turning their city and county into the #1 safest place in America to have a cardiac arrest because they have changed the culture and re-written the rule book on how cardiac arrest is handled. I learned about leadership, about how to in a multi-faceted way, better myself as a provider and as a human being.

We left here encouraged and better prepared to go back to our respective communities and to pass on what we learned. We were given GIGABITES (Literally, on flashdrives!) of information to share. We were instilled with knowledge, confidence, and a newfound forward direction that wasn’t there when we arrived at the start of this conference.

One would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the world to find the amount of talent that was here in Coeur d’Alene passing on what they knew all in one place. I cannot accurately describe what it is like to be in the presence of true “EDUCATORS” but the lives of the future patients of all of those providers that were here this weekend will be better off because of it.

For those of you who are my Fire/EMS brothers and sisters… if you attend ONE educational gathering a year, in 2015 let it be this one! It is the best money you will ever spend on yourself or the people in your organization. If your goal is to be the best EMS provider and leader you can be, it starts with superior education and motivation by the very best and the most passionate in the field….Mike Helbock – No words! Thank you so much sir!

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