The “SUMMIT” Salt Lake City Has An App

 The “SUMMIT” Salt Lake City Has An App

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  1. Is there an actual app or is it just a url with info? The QR code takes me to a URL. What am I missing?

    • Andrea, Depending on what type of phone you have once you have the URL you choose to open it in a browser on your phone. Once it is open when you click on the words “The Summit in Salt Lake City”, (or just wait a second or two it opens up automatically), it opens up the app that you can then save to the home screen of your phone so you can access it from there from now on.

      If you still have problems, let me know what type of phone you have and I can find a picture or video tutorial to walk you through how to go thru the steps.

      • I found it, and I emailed someone to change my registration from a dept email to my personal email to be able to log in but I’m getting a ‘No Registrants Found’ message. Please advise.

        • Andrea,

          Have sent this over to the registration team and they will be looking in to it for you. Let me know if we can assist you further.

          EMS Associates

  2. If there is an app here, I cant find it.

    • You need to scan the QR Code to get to the URL for the app to be able to save it to your phone, or…if you now click on the entire picture it will take you to the URL for the app. Hope this helps!

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