Ron Harris

A-EMT, Chief, Tropic Fire & Rescue

Ron Harris

A-EMT, Chief, Tropic Fire & Rescue


Ron started his volunteer career in 1989 with the Escalante Volunteer Fire Department, and Garfield County Search & Rescue and becoming certified as an EMT with Garfield County Ambulance, yes that was a busy year. He was appointed Fire Chief for Escalante City in 1990 remaining in that position until moving to Tropic in 1992, then joining Tropic Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD). Ron was the Assistant Fire Chief for 12 years for TVFD and in February of 2004 was sworn in as Fire Chief.  In 1991 he was the first firefighter in Garfield County to become Firefighter I certified and is currently certified Firefighter II, Haz-Mat Operations, High Angle Rescue, Wildland Firefighter I, and Fire Service Instructor.

Ron is an A-EMT, EMT Instructor and Course Coordinator with Garfield County Ambulance and runs with Mountain and Bryce Valley Ambulances.

Ron organized the first fire department in Bryce Canyon City in 2012 and continues as the Fire Chief.  He organized the first LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) in Garfield County, served as Chair for 2 years and continues to serve on the committee.

Ron is a Fire Service Instructor, teaching outreach fire service courses throughout Utah, for the Utah Fire & Rescue Academy, he is also a Department Tester for Utah Fire Service Certification Council. He is a member of the Southwest Regional Response Team All Hazards Committee. Past President with the Utah State Firefighters’ Association.

Ron’s full-time paying job is with Ruby’s Inn, Inc, where he is the Health & Safety Manager, and Web Administrator; and also a part of the Ruby’s Inn, Inc Management Team.

Ron and wife Susan, also A-EMT and Nurse, have four children (2 girls and 2 boys) two son in-laws, one daughter in-law and two grandchildren (1 boy and 1 girl).

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