RUSHing FAST, TEEd Up & The Future...No, the CURRENT...Standard of Emergency Medicine
Nov 12 2021
14:00 - 15:00
Cascade C


Ultrasound technology is not new. And it’s not just jelly on the belly to see if you should buy a pack of pink or blue onesies. US tech saves lives, but there’s a lot to it. There’s a lot covered in this class. But if you want to be part of the current standard of care, grab your notes, get caffeinated & let’s do this.

PART 1: First, we’ll go BACK.
We’ll go over the history, the devices, the applications & the science of ultrasound technology in modern emergency medicine.

PART 2: Then, we’ll go FAST.
It is now the standard of care to perform focused assessment using sonography for trauma (FAST) early in the evaluation of ourtrauma patient in emergency medicine. We’ll get into the mechanics; the nuts & bolts – of how we do this exactly right every time – and explain why this matter to our clinical care.

PART 3: Then, we’re gunna RUSH
What’s “Hi-MAP”, how does it build on what came before & why does it matter? We’ll walk through it one step at a time.

PART 4: Last, we’ll TEE it up.
Why does the AHA like this, what does it have to do with cardiac standstill, regurgitation, etc.? We’ll go through all that as well.

The data is clear. This technology can give us much more information in order to have a more complete clinical picture, hence make more appropriate treatment decisions for our emergency medical patient. But there is definitely an art to deploying thisscience. And you’re not going to become a super user in 1 day. But come to this training and put in the work and get closer to mastering this part of our craft.