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Save A Cop! Cutting Edge Medical Intervention

Save A Cop is an 8 hour pre conference class taught by the most skilled professionals nationwide. Our instructors work hand in hand to bring you live scenarios placing our attendees in the “Warm Zone”, in hopes of prepping them for actual emergency situations.  Dozens of actors are role playing actual victims with mild to life threatening injuries the attendees need to assess, manage, and treat.

Some of this years planned scenarios include: Assessment Beyond the Barricaded, Sensory Deprivation, EMS Arrival to a Traffic Stop Gone Bad, Active Shooter Response (rescue task force), and Explosive Friends (blast injuries). 

These scenarios are aimed at putting attendees in intense situations requiring them to critically think, and manage an actual person portraying a victim. Our hope is each attendee will leave with a better understanding of how to prioritize, manage, and work together to manage emergency situations.

You don’t want to miss this!


More Moulage. Thank you to our helpers today you all did great!! #TheSUMMITSLC

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