Attendee Certificate Process

Important Information:

The “SUMMIT” in Provo 2017

Attendee Certificate Process

Class Scanning Process via the Conference Mobile App

If you are using the mobile app, you can skip the door scans, and see your attended sessions before the end of The SUMMIT!

Each session you attend during The SUMMIT will have a unique session code associated with it. The unique code will be provided in the room at the start of each session.

On arrival at each specific session, you don’t need to be checked/scanned at the door — simply:

  • Find a seat
  • Open the mobile app
  • Go to the Session Description for that class
  • “Check in” to that class right from the Session Description in the mobile app.

At the bottom of the Session Description are the two fields where you enter your FULL FIRST and LAST NAME in the first box and the specific class code for that specific class in the second box.

If you change classes during a session, just “check in” the same way to the second class and we will update your records for you.

All mobile app class “check ins” must be completed in the app by 5pm Monday 11/20/2017. Those using the mobile app to “check in” to classes will have early access to their attended session list and attendee certificate – starting on December 4th.

Not using a Smartphone/Tablet? You still get credit!

To do a manual session scan to get credits for the classes you attend at The SUMMIT, you will be able to use the tablets available at The SUMMIT Registration Desk each day to input your session codes provided in each class in order to receive class credit. Our staff will be available to assist you.

Getting Your Certificate After the Conference

We will post a link here starting November 18th to complete the online SUMMIT Overall Conference Survey to initiate receiving your Attendee Certificate.

The link to the survey will be emailed to your registration email address, as well as available here on the mobile app.

We will begin emailing those with completed Conference Surveys a session list of the sessions attended during the conference with the Attendee Certification beginning on December 4th  for those who completed class check-ins via the mobile app.

Certificates will be emailed weekly from December 4th through June 29th, 2018.

Any changes, questions or adjustments on the certificates are to be sent to

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