The “SUMMIT” Conference Series News UPDATE from  Mike Helbock

The  “SUMMIT” Conference Series News UPDATE from  Mike Helbock

Hello all, I wanted to share an update regarding my Director’s/owner position with EMS Associates (and the “SUMMIT” Conference Series). After more than 30 years of speaking and sharing sessions at the conference and for the last (10) years as Director…I have made the decision to step down as Director and co-owner and turn the conference over to both Doug and Elle!

This decision was difficult (because of my love for education and for all of YOU attendees). This decision is based on my need to try and “re-capture” some additional time with my family and grad kids (Lorelei and Oliver).

Additionally, I share a great deal of time with my colleagues in Seattle and offer education and training around the global use of HP-CPR and what it takes to educate, train and deploy this life-saving program.

Although this may come as a surprise to some of you, please know, that this is a good thing and that there are no hidden concerns or problems – it just comes down to making the best of my time for this point in my life!… (which I hope continues for a LONG TIME) !

Feel free to connect with me if you have concerns, questions or if you need to just chat! I will continue to offer training sessions around the country (and beyond), but will need to be more selective as time moves forward!

Hope I didn’t shock (ya’all) too much…but I wanted you to know of my “re-design” plans. Again, all is good, but the time-clock continues to tick and I don’t want these new and wonderful kids in my life to miss out on any opportunity that there may be, to hang with “G-Pop”

Love you all,

From Doug and Elle, 
Yes, Doug and I are still a bit in shock and will surely miss him.  Please be sure to drop him a BIG thanks on Facebook. 

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